Ellicottville's Newest Luxury Townhouses

  Fillmore Creek Townhouses


          13-29 Fillmore Creek Drive

          Ellicottville, NY 14731

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Beautifully Finished Interiors

Comfortable and Relaxing Spaces

Carefully planned and beautiful open kitchen layouts on the first floor connect with the outer porch and patios, bringing the beautiful Ellicottville countryside into your home, enriching you and your family!  


Luxurious finishes are abound in these properties, to give you and your family a quiet relaxing winter getaway, or a full time retreat from the daily stresses of work!

Contemporary Exterior Finishes

Modern Materials & Conveniences

With contemporary rustic finishes that match the surrounding countryside, these properties blend in with the environment and are  located across from local food and entertainment venues, within walking distance of popular bars and shops and within site of some of the slopes of Ellicottville's famous ski trails.  
From shopping to skiing, there is always something to do steps away from your beautiful townhome!

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